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Study Plan

Phase 1

Duration 100 hours (Sept 25 - Oct 10, 2021)

with Nena Knafo.


  • Introduction: History and Philosophy of Yoga.

  • Asana: Theory and Practice - Principles of alignment, variations and settings. Practice and detailed study of the SPV sequence.

  • Pranayama Phase 1: Art of inhaling and exhaling. Introduction to 3 types of Pranayama.

  • Anatomy Phase 1: Planes of Movement, functional anatomy and biomechanics. Theory and applied practice in Asana Lab.

Phase 2

Duration 100 hours (Oct 21 - Nov 7, 2021)

with Nena Knafo.


  • Phase 2 Anatomy: Muscles, Bones, Joints.

  • Pranayama Phase 2:  Retentions. Introduction to 4 other types of Pranayama.

  • Subtle Energetic Body of Yoga: Chakras, Mudras, Bandhas, Koshas, ​​Gunas...

  • Yoga as a profession and "The Business of Yoga".


In person



The daily sessions are divided into physical practice and theory. We have breaks after each practice. These sessions are recorded - we have a group for WhatsApp and a channel where we share the link of the recording after each session, in this way if one day you cannot attend in person, you do it virtually.

By completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 you will receive the certificate of “RYT200” endorsed by the Yoga  Alliance.

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